Thursday, 9 May 2013

POTHOLES are back - Map potholes on your street by visiting the 2013 Edition of Pothole Plotter North America

The Pothole Plotter allows the public to locate a pothole on their street and with one click enter the location into a live GIS system. The pothole locations and associate information is stored in a GIS system to be distributed by email or text message to the officials that manage this asset. It’s really about building a Public Service Engine where not just pothole issues can be identified but locations like signs down, streetlights out, graffiti, trip hazards, and a host of issues which can be identified by the public.

Take a Look at the Heat Map concentration of potholes plotted by users
We encourage the public to visit the application to see how they can use GIS to let the right people know where the potholes are located on their street.

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