Monday, 17 February 2014

Nova Scotia Geodatabase 2.3 - All the Geographic Data Ever Needed to Make a Comprehensive Map for Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Geodatabase 2.3 - Quick and Easy Printed Maps for Esri ArcMap

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ATV Navigation Map

I had a call the other day from a gentlemen looking for a map that he can use for his ATV Adventures. Before I explain the story further, I have only made a handful of maps for people calling off the street. Most of our map products are developed through corporate or government contracts and the public can not justify paying hundreds of dollars for a customized map.

His issue was that online mapping was not detailed enough at smaller scale maps outside of 1:20000 and at that scale he would need a 100 maps to cover the area where he would like to travel. He also looked at getting the National Topographic Series, 1:50000 map series, but he still required 5 or 6 maps to cover his area and that gets cumbersome when navigating trails. So he wanted one map with a variety of map features which covered a particular area and work with me to add local features to the map that would not be found on any published map.

Lucky for this customer we have built an all encompassing Esri GIS data source for geographic data for all of Nova Scotia. For our use, we can open this project and access data at any scale for any area across the province. It contains just about every piece of Free GIS data that you can acquire for Nova Scotia with modest looking map colors and contains advanced labeling so that it is print ready at any scale or page size of a map.


NS Geodatabase at a Glance

Developed and amalgamated through ESRI software the Nova Scotia GeoDatabase 2.3 provides the GIS user with a full featured information backdrop for any GIS project initiative in Nova Scotia. Print ready geospatial data is immediately available, just add a title, legend and click print - quality map production has never been so fast and easy!

From topographic data and a digital elevation model to landcover and detailed geographic names, it's all there and it's ready for geoprocessing, analysis and display. All data is compiled from dependable sources that are noted in the metadata - greatly facilitating future updates.

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