Friday, 19 April 2013

An Awesome Switch to a Web Based Email System

I am very excited that we have finally found an application that will manage our email accounts, file sharing, subscription lists, shared tasks and calendar, and private messaging. The great thing is that this application resides on our own mail server!

Thanks to Annapolis Valley Computers’ data centre hosting service we have all the flexibility of the sharing features similar to Google services with the power of managing client information. To top it off we have our own integrated mailing list management service!

AVC is using SmarterMail Enterprise Edition from which has a variety of tools to administer and manage email.

SmarterMail is built and priced to be both beneficial and accessible to individuals, small businesses, and enterprise-level organizations alike, and is able to support anywhere from one to an unlimited number of domains and an unlimited number of email addresses.

As an added benefit, End users are able to access and use their accounts using either web mail (email account access using a web browser) or with a desktop application (e.g. Outlook or Outlook Express, or Qualcomm's Eudora).

The server requirements of SmarterMail are minimal, so that SmarterMail can coexist with other applications on the same server. SmarterMail can easily handle with minimal server requirements; 500 Domains, 25,000 Users, 100,000 messages a day.

SmarterMail was an editor’s pic on and they had this to say;

“SmarterMail is easy to master email server software that is powerful enough to handle a huge email workload. “

For more details contact AVC - or call +19022422705.