Thursday, 25 April 2013

ATV Trails in Nova Scotia


Landmark Geographic Solutions Inc. has been supporting a mapping project for the ATV Association of Nova Scotia , called the "ATVANS Trail Network 2013". A little background, we have been supporting this group since 2008 on collecting, managing, and creating a map for each of the 41 clubs. The goal is to organize GPS track data that is coming from the members into a GIS systems that can easily update the trail network  and keep things organised so that information can be accessed quickly for members.

We currently store information for each trail like it number, name, has a map been produce? and other managing attributes. These maps have been created for the association to understand what data has been collected and processed as a printed map. Club depicted in green mean that the maps have been processed and print for members. The Orange indicates that there is gps track information that has been received but not processed into a printable map.

The purpose of these maps is for the ATVANS annual meeting and it will give the membership a bird's eye view of the progress of the mapping program and the work that remains to finish the entire network.

Special thanks to Corey Robar, trail coordinator, for his direction on this and previous projects.

The Map Below is a section of the overview map of the entire province.

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This Map depicts the management zone 2 - Southwest Nova Scotia - It is at a better visible scale and shows detailed information on trails, accessible resource roads, designated crown information etc..

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This map is an actual club map that is used by members and visitors to navigate the trail system. The example is from the Digby ATV Club.

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