Monday, 23 September 2013

LGS Inc. Launches A premium development control cloud service for local government. Launches Cloud Services Follow Us

Closing The Technology Divide for Municipalities

The PermitLogix team has combined web management and mapping technologies to bring an easy to use service for all local government development permit and application requirements. We have truly created a product for the Gov. 2.0 era. In 2010, LGS Inc. successfully launched the Local Information Utility Cloud GIS for small local government and now to complement the LIU we have designed
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Local Government staff will be able to map and track development applications and permits with a few clicks of the mouse. Staff can take PermitLogix with them on a tablet or smartphone, notify staff of changes to applications or permits, and organize approvals with all the information needed in real time to make approvals correctly and efficiently.
PermitLogix has the ability to consume your current application and permit forms so you do not have to change anything other than being more efficient. The web application does not require any extensive training to get your staff on the right track. Is your local government sharing development control services with another jurisdiction? No problem, our licensing is based on a multiple users within a single development department.
Please feel free to contact us for further details on how this new web technology will fast track your development control requirements at

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