Thursday, 9 January 2014


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We have been working with this organization and have built a complex GIS system to organize mapping information so that data can be managed in near time between the development of a GIS and the deployment of a webGIS mapping application. SANS is split up into 3 management zones that contain many clubs that manage their trail information. SANS has thousands of members and it is difficult to manage information so that each member can interact and stay informed of the changes to trail information.

Recently, We have been working with Zone 1 & 3 representatives in updating trail and asset information. The mapping system tracks such things as trail, trail number, club, length, accuracy, collector. Also, we are mapping intersections by unique id, points of interest like stop areas, bridges, and services. For the entire network we store this information in one central location at our Geomapix Gateway hosted service from Annapolis Valley Computers. In our update process, the club reps. send us information via the SANS webGIS applications for any change or addition to trail and asset information. Our technical team make those updates via our central GIS and then post the infromation back to the webGIS for review by members. As we make the updates we have designed zone maps that are used for members and tourist coming into the province to understand the network of trails.

Using a combination of GIS programming and advanced map feature label technics in ESRI ArcMap map software we have built a complex map that takes a mountain of data and builds on the fly maps that are ready for production. There can be a mountain of costs associated to map layout design and label placement when producing a map product that has thousands and thousands of map labels associated to trail and topographic information.

By making advances in labeling functions we can make a map virtually anywhere within the provincial GIS we have created for SANS. The advantage being that product and design time is great reduced and the user con concentrate on making sure that the thematic data is correct and useful to the end user.

GPS & Mobile Trail Data

We have also provided SANS with GPS data and pdf reference maps that users can add to there gps or mobile device. Also, with the quick production times we can order and deliver updated maps via paper products for user who still like the look and feel of a traditional map.

Visit the SANS map center Here.

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